Integratec API Platform

Welcome to the Integratec API Platform Quick Guide. This guide contains the important details, descriptions and definitions to help get the Integratec platform up and running.

Topics such as installation and configuration, as well as practical-use examples are included in the following sections.

  • Overview provides a broad overview of the whole Integratec platform.
  • Installation explains the details of our installer, its unattended mode, and setup of services/daemons.
  • Config tells you about external configuration options.
  • Getting Started shows you how to simply go from 0 to "Hello, world." with the platform.
  • Examples gives real code samples and details for each of the services we offer.
  • Advanced Features documents some of the more advanced features.
  • Legal details necessary legal information such as copyright and licensing.
  • Glossary defines the terminology used throughout the platform.
  • Changelog covers what has changed across the platform.
  • Support lists contact information for when you need additional assistance.
  • Wrappers documents the Client interface for each language we support.