Integratec API Platform

API - Application Program Interface

Broker - Central routing logic housed in the Master module that facilitates the service-oriented architecture. The Client API and all Worker modules must connect, authenticate, and register with the Master in order to become active on the platform. Once active, requests generated by the API are passed through the Master to the waiting Workers able to process them.

Catalog - A collection of like resources, persisted in a database.

Client API - The interface used to make requests of and interact with the Integratec platform.

ControlHub - Receives start or stop commands from the Client API and forwards them to all Node services.

ControlNode - Receives start or stop commands from the Hub service and starts or stops a list of registered processes.

Control Services/Daemons - Services or background processes (ControlHub and ControlNode) configured to manage the on/off state of distributed modules across a network

Essentials Module - Handles all of the things that the other modules don't do themselves, such as: importing, exporting, modifying database records, etc.

JSON - (JavaScript Object Notation) A lightweight, human-readable data-interchange format.

Master - The center of the Integratec platform. Owns the Broker and Persist instances.

Minion - A single thread owned by a worker module that register services (features) with the broker, receive requests for work of those features, and to reply to the client with the result of the completed work.

Module - Unique (and often isolated) functionality housed in a process or application capable of communicating as a member of the Integratec platform.

Persist - Functionality housed in the Master module and dedicated to providing central persistent storage of requests.

Remote Procedure Call - A method by which a module uses a service of another module.

Request - Sequence of messages originating from the Client API and processed by the Minion of a Worker Module. Contains a Service identifier and associated parameters as JSON.

Resource - A persistent object that can be uniquely identified and represented as JSON. Users can create, read, update and delete resources.

Service - Unique functionality exposed to the user via Request made with the Client API.

Workers - Modules designed to own instances of Minions, each of which is capable of processing requests.