Integratec API Platform
NOTE: Internet access is required for activating DPV and LACSLink in the Address Standardization module.

Windows Installer

The installer is a wizard that allows you to select what you'd like to install and specify your settings. It handles the copying of files, installation of services, and initial setup of any necessary configuration files.

Unattended Mode

The installer may be run in unattended mode (no graphical user interface) via commandline arguments and/or an options file. When running in unattended mode, there is no validation of the specified parameters.

To get a complete list of commandline arguments, use the following command:

installer.exe --help

For example, to run without any user interface and use an options file:

installer.exe --mode unattended --optionfile C:\path\to\option_file

An option file might look like:

# Lines starting with # are comments

The same could be achieved by using only commandline arguments:

installer.exe --mode unattended --installdir=C:\path\to\install_dir --disable-components=api,modules --ipMaster=localhost --portMaster=50000 --ipControl=localhost --portControl=50010 --useEncryption=1 --createKeys=0

Control Services

The Control services must be installed as Windows services. The installer performs this operation for you. For reference, the manual steps used for manipulating the applications that are designed to run as services is below:

  1. Open a cmd.exe window with admin privileges in the folder containing the Control executables
    1. Start Menu
    2. Type "cmd" into the search
    3. Right-click cmd.exe and choose "run as admin"
  2. Run
    • MyServiceAppNameHere.exe -i to install Control services
    • MyServiceAppNameHere.exe -u to un-install Control services.

Click here for additional details on configuring Control services.